Lambertville Country Dancers (locally known as LCD) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting music and dance. LCD's dance series (English and contra) originally began in Yardley, PA, in 1980 but soon migrated to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Lambertville, NJ. Since 1991, LCD's tradition of great dances has continued in other locations. Contra dances were discontinued in 2009.

CD sponsors an English Country Dance on the first Friday of every month. Check the calendar for special 5th Friday dances, or other occasional special events, including the annual February Fling Experienced English Dance Party. Because the Delaware Valley is blessed with many fine musicians, bands and callers as well as a strong core of volunteers to help produce our dances, LCD's dances have a tremendous spirit.

To join LCD, please use the "contact us" form to send your name, address [USPS and email] and telephone number (We will not sell or rent your information or use it for any commercial purposes; we will not share it for other than LCD business without your permission.)

Membership entitles you to vote on all questions coming before the membership, to serve on the board of directors, to hold office, and to be a member of LCD committees. There are currently no membership dues.

We always welcome (and need) help with dance management refreshments, setting up before a dance, or cleaning up after a dance. To make a donation to help keep LCD going or to volunteer to help in any way, please contact any LCD Board member.

LCD. a 501(c)(3) organization, is a member organization of the Country Dance and Song Society LCD's by-laws are found here (PDF format).

Current Board of Directors:
  1. Janet Cantor (term expires 2019)
  2. Anne Gribbon (‘19) Secretary
  3. Debbi Kanter (‘19)
  4. Pat McDonnell (‘19), Vice president/treasurer
  5. Hans Peters (‘19), President
  6. Tim Cresson ('18)
  7. Lenora Kandiner ('18)
  8. Lindsay Lowry('18)
  9. Carolyn Tilove ('18)
  10. David Tilove ('18)

Board and management related documents

  1. Dance manager's duties
  2. Generic LCD flyer

Some of the people that make LCD a great experience. (Listings are for 2010-2015)

  1. Tom Amesse
  2. Kay Baker
  3. Michael Barraclough
  4. April Blum
  5. Jenny Beer
  6. Sue Dupré
  7. Beverly Francis
  8. Adina Gordon
  9. Scott Higgs
  10. Colin Hulme
  11. Orly Krasner
  12. Joanna Reiner
  13. Paul Ross
  14. Judi Rivkin
  15. Sam Rotenberg
  16. Tanya Rotenberg
  17. Ted Rudofker
  18. Melissa Running
  19. Liz Snowdon

Peter Barnes,  Michael Bell,  Daniel Beerbohm,  Josh Burdick,  John Burkhalter, ,Carol Carpenter, Carol Compton, Enid Diamonte,  Claude Epstein,  Steve Epstein, Kristen Erwin, Earl Gaddis,  Barbara Greenberg,  Rachel Hall,  lydia ievins.  Peggy Leiby,  Judy Kleppel,  Mary Lea,  Susie Lorand,  Chloe Maher,  Rick Mohr, Louise McClure,  Ted McLure,  Robert Mills,  Judy Minot,Jean Monroe, Paul Morrissett, Adam Oleksa,  Bob Pasquarello,  Paul Prestopino,  Jane Roberts,  Jo Anne Rocke, Tanya Rotenberg, Mary Roth, Jacqueline Schwab,  Liz Snowdon,  Wes Steenson, Bob Stein, Kathy Talvitie,  Jan Tebbel,  Ellen Tepper,  Sarah Thomas,  Roberta Truscello,  Adlai Waksman, Miranda Weinberg, Dave Wiesler, and Wolf Hul. (The list may omit performers who were not listed in the LCD dance announcements)

  1. Alchemy
  2. Bare Necessities
  3. Brew
  4. Kestrel
  5. Hold the Mustard
  6. Lassbury Shews
  7. Local Strawberries
  8. Mind the Gap
  9. Primrose
  10. Root Mean Squared
  11. Windsor Knot