This page lists additions of note to our video list. These include the first appearance of a particular dance as well as other noteworthy performances.:

TitleCollectionVenue/dateLeaderMusiciansChoreography/MusicNotesDate Added
TetherballCULVER CITYFeb 13, 2020Renée CamusEnglish country dance by Renée Camus (2019)first05/12/2020
Inklings RompCULVER CITYCulver City English Country Dance on December 8, 2019copyright: May 19, 2018; final revision: November 29, 2019), to the tune "It Rains by Dogs and Cats," by Dave Wiesler ((c) 2015). first05/12/2020
Inkling's RompEnglish Country DanceMay 10, 2020Annette MerrittHoggetowne FancyRenee Camus, 2018; tune is "It Rains by Dogs and Cats" by Dave Wiesler.05/12/2020
Vintage 38CHESTNUT Cécile LayeJanuary 2020Cécile LayeCD The Enchanted Place RFS201202 MasqueradeAntony Heywood, 1990first04/03/2020
Leap of FaithJeffrey Bary30 Jan 2020Robin Russel - Piano Helen White - FluteOrly Krasner to "Mr. Tesla's" by Dave Barlett (2016)first03/18/2020
Signs of SpringEric BorresenMarch 2020Richard Sauvainmusic by Dames RocketGarry Roodman tune by Dave Weislerfirst03/13/2020
New Decade WaltzCulver City ECDCulver City, CaliforniaFrank Hoppe, Laura Osborn, and Jeff SperoNew Decade Waltz (2010), by Alan Winston, to the tune Alta Sierra Waltz (1993) by Larry Unger. first03/13/2020
Thora's SurpriseFlaDanceGypsy Orange Park/Jacksonville English Country Dance February 29, 2020Veronica Lane Pat Shaw.first03/10/2020
Tea and SympathyFlaDanceGypsyFeb 29, 2020l; Orange Park/Jacksonville English Country DanceVeronica LaneColin Hume. Music by Jonathan Jensenfirst03/10/2020
C & NFlaDanceGypsyOrange Park/Jacksonville English Country Dance February 29, 2020Veronica LaneC & N to Hornpipe by Henry Purcellfirst03/10/2020
Fair Phyllis8th Century Ball in the Guildhall, (part 2) Bath Minuet Company demonstration danceWales Baroque Players.English madrigal by John Farmer.first03/10/2020
Whirligig's Last BowMaria BoetJanuary 2020Jean MunroeWhirligig's Last Bow © Pat Shaw, 197303/03/2020
No Place Like HomeVillage Green English DancersMarch 2020Elizabeth GoossenElizabeth Goossenfirst03/03/2020
Mr. Stapledon's New HornpipeCHESTNUT Cécile LayeJan 2020; FranceCécile LayeCD Seasons of Invention: A Joyful Noise & Hold The MustardPhilippe Callens (2010) to "The 6th November" by Sue Stapledon (2009)first02/27/2020
Webmaster, TheCarrie RoseFeb 2020Anna RainEmily Aubrey, fiddle; Janina O'Brien, keyboard.Melissa Running, 2018first02/25/2020
Jig for Joanna, ACarrie RoseFeb 2020April BlumEmily Aubrey, fiddle; Janina O'Brien, keyboardDan Blim, 2012. Tunes: "Tipperty's Jean," traditional; "Rod's Birthday," Barbara McOwenfirst02/25/2020
Well DonneCarrie RoseFeb 2020Anna RainEmily Aubrey, fiddle; Janina O'Brien, keyboardJenna Simpson, 2019. Tune "Poet Laureate," traditionalfirst02/25/2020
An(other) Improper NotionEnglish Country DanceDanced by Gainesville, Florida, English country dancersNikki HerbstPete Turner, Robert Reynierson, JoLaine Jones-Pokorny, Isabel BartenBrooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, 2011, music by Chris Sackett, 2006. first02/09/2020
Corportation, TheJohn NewsomeBerea Christmas Country Dance School - 2019On guitar -Owen Morrison, on piano - Jonathan Jensen, on violin - Aidan Broadbridge.Barbara FinneyThompson 1777first02/06/2020
Tomson's WhimJohn NewsomeBerea Christmas Country Dance School - 2019Barbara FinneyOn guitar - Owen Morrison, on piano - Jonathan Jensen, on violin - Aidan Broadbridge.Kynaston, interpretation by Andrew Shawfirst02/06/2020
Quizzical Snob, TheEnglish Country DanceGainesville, Florida, English country dancers.Randy ThorpHoggetown Fancy: Pete Turner, Robert Reynierson, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney with guest artist Jilia HartmanSharon Green, 2014first02/06/2020
Timeless TrishEnglish Country DanceUnited Church of Gainesville, FL, Feb 3, 2020Annette MerrittHoggetowne Fancy: Peter Turner, Robert Reynieson, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney, Isabel BartenSusan Kevra, 2019. to "Dancing through the Decades" by Rachel Bell.first02/06/2020
Rich DelightsJeffrey Bary1/30/2020Myra Lango, Margaret Bary, Elizabeth Freedman, Dorothy Cummings, Rick Ravitts, Efraim KohnRobin Russel - piano; Helen White - flute Phlippe Callens to "18th of August" by Dathne Baker (2002)first02/04/2020